The 3rd Annual International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues 2017 (ISCoGI 2017) 

“Humanities and Social Science in the Current Global Perspective”

 Semarang, November 16th – 17th 2017

Secretary  :

Universitas Wahid Hasyim (Unwahas),
Menoreh Tengah X/22 – Semarang, Indonesia


Adi Joko Purwanto Ph: +628562682106
Nanang Nurcholis Ph: +6285740129786
Anna Yulia Hartati Ph: +628122884193
Imam Auliya              Ph: +6285727166099
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Due to the current numbers of papers submitted, the paper submission deadline is changed until Oktober 30th 2017 and the seminar proceeding will be distributed 2 (two) months after the conference


  1. Strengthen cooperation between researchers in fields of humanities, social science, business and economics.
  2. Building understanding through idea sharing between researchers
  3. Arranging research plans to develop better perspective on humanities, social science, business, and economics.


The topics of paper should be a trending issues on 2017 in the field of Humanities, Social Science, and Economy.


The themes should adhere to broad the main theme and can reflect, but are not limited to the following themes:

  • Humanities
  1. Social Media, Trolls, and Hate Culture
  2. Religious harmony and religious radicalism
  3. National Resilience on New Perspective
  4. Models of religion-state relations
  5. Trends on religious thoughts
  6. Islam and Local Culture on Global Connectivity
  7. Islamophobia
  8. Managing Cultural Diversity
  • Social Science
  1. Corruption and Political Party Financial Funding
  2. International Property Rights
  3. Internet Culture and Cyber Law
  4. Managing Demographic Bonus
  5. Public Health and National Pension System
  6. Internet-Enabled Working Trend
  7. Smart City and Local Value
  8. Character Education and E- Learning
  9. Educational Administration
  • Economics and Business
  1. Current Perspective on Corporate Social Responsibility
  2. Repositioning local workforce as competitive advantage to face global competition
  3. E-Government and E-Commerce: Financial Transparency and Efficiency
  4. Foreign Direct Investment and Free Market on Developing Countries
  5. Indonesia on Economy Competition between China and United States: Position and Opportunity
  6. Islamic Economy on Global Competition
  7. Broken Supply Chain and High Cost Economy
  8. Free Trade and Fair Trade: Neo-Liberalism and Socialism Perspective
  9. Current Perspective on Financial Reporting


The 3rd Annual International Seminar and Conference on Global Issues 2017 (ISCoGI 2017) is organized by Universitas Wahid Hasyim.